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Practical solutions for hard skills training, remote assistance, and soft skills development
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We help companies in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare implement practical solutions with smart glasses, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Our focus is on designing, building, and deploying XR solutions that have an immediate ROI for skills training, remote assistance, and team collaboration.
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XR Solutions for Enterprise

Smart Glasses

Powerful Remote Assistance

Smart glasses, or “head mounted tablets”, allow hands-free navigation of key information like repair steps, live video sharing, and expert assistance to the wearer from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Reality

Training and Collaboration

Virtual reality headsets allow immersive and cost-effective training in both hard skills like mechanical installations and soft skills like emotional intelligence.  VR also enables remote collaboration like never before.

Augmented Reality

Cutting Edge Visualization

True augmented reality is the next frontier of XR, allowing visualization of virtual objects that interact with the real world, like virtual engine components taking form in a real-world engine compartment.

XR Services

smart glasses


With dozens of hardware options and use cases, each with their own unique set of challenges, developing a comprehensive XR strategy requires strong expertise. We have it and are prepared to help develop an action plan to ensure you meet your goals, budget, and timeline.

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Deploying a robust XR solution requires managing hardware, software development, solution integration, and security to ensure success. Our team of experts can support some or all these tasks and engage on project scopes ranging from just a few to thousands of devices and users.

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A key challenge of successful XR programs is training end users on proper use of the devices and software to prevent frustration, increase engagement, and ensure long-term goodwill. We have experience training end-users of XR in many corporate environments.

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As the scale of your XR program grows, supporting requirements grow as well. From device cleaning and replacements to technical support service, we can help your team maintain the highest quality XR end-user experience regardless of how much it grows.

Enterprise XR Capabilities

As XR enthusiasts, practitioners, and experts, our team has helped corporate clients with a variety of challenges in designing and implementing successful programs. We combine expertise from multiple areas to bring a suite of valuable offerings to companies considering AR, VR, and MR solutions for their employees and customers. From helping make sense of the latest AR and VR hardware options to leading custom app and content development and ensuring devices and apps meet corporate security requirements, we’re here to help.

Selection Support

We leverage our industry partnerships and extensive experience with hardware and software platforms to help you select targets and streamline RFPs for the XR equipment and services you need

XR Security

Data collection, privacy, and transmission are increasingly important, especially with highly connected XR hardware. We can help you make sure your XR experiences are properly secured on all platforms

Hardware Management

We can provide you with the hardware you need for your XR program using a variety of funding options, as well as manage the repair, replacement, and end-of-life needs of your XR devices

Contracts Management

Our team of legal and procurement experts know how to make sure your XR contracts for apps, hardware, and services cover everything important while leaving you room to grow over time

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Our team is ready to help you get started with an XR solution or bring your existing one to the next level. With our comprehensive set of XR-targeted services, team of experts, and partnerships with XR software and hardware providers, we can help your company deliver an outstanding XR program that both delights users and delivers real value. When you’re ready to get started in XR, we’re ready to help.
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