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9 Emerging Technologies in 2023 (April 1st Edition)

Hey everyone. Welcome back for another episode. For today’s episode, I asked Chat GPT-4 to write an episode on the nine emerging technologies that will shape 2023 for the business world. Here’s what it came up with.

  1. The Rolodex: With the rise of digital address books. Nobody has a Rolodex anymore but think about it. Can you really trust technology to remember all of your important contacts? The Rolodex is the only way to truly keep track of all of your business connections.
  2.  The Rotary Phone: Sure, smartphones have a ton of features and capabilities, but there’s just something about the tactile feel of spinning a dial to make a call. Plus, with all these newfangled touchscreens, who knows what kind of germs you’re exposing yourself to?
  3. The Typewriter: Why bother with modern word-processing software when you can use a classic typewriter? The satisfying clack of the keys makes you feel like a real writer, and you don’t have to worry about all those pesky distractions like spellcheck.
  4. The Pager: In an age of constant connectivity. Sometimes it’s nice just to unplug and go off the grid for a while, and what better way to do that when with the trusty old pager, you can still get important messages, but now on your own terms.
  5. The Fax Machine: Email is so impersonal. With a fax machine, you can send handwritten notes, doodles, and even food stains. It’s like sending a little piece of yourself with every message.
  6. The Cassette Tape: Vinyl records are so mainstream now, if you really wanna be ahead of the curve, start collecting cassette tapes. They’re like miniature time capsules of the eighties and nineties.
  7. The Floppy Disk: Cloud storage may be all the rage, but what happens if the internet goes down? You don’t want to get caught without a backup plan, so keep your important files on a trusty old floppy disc. You know, just in case.
  8. The Overhead Projector: Sure, digital projectors are all well and good, but there’s something so charmingly low-tech about an overhead projector and the way it makes your PowerPoint slides look all blurry and pixelated. Just pure magic.
  9. The Abacus: Who Needs a calculator when you’ve got an Abacus? Not only is it a fun little toy to play with, but it also hones your math skills and makes you look like a real pro at number crunching.

 That’s going do it for today. I hope you enjoyed our special April 1st episode. Thank you to chat with GPT-4 for its AI opinion on this. Don’t forget to subscribe to Emerging Technologies in Business with a new episode going live every Monday morning. It’s 7:00 AM central time. I’ve been your host, Brock Riney, and we’re gonna talk some more emerging tech next time. Bye, everybody.

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