Accelerate Service and Repairs and Save Millions of Dollars on Warranty Costs with XR Technology

Concannon XRAssisted Reality Accelerate Service and Repairs and Save Millions of Dollars on Warranty Costs with XR Technology
XR Tech to Reduce Service & Repair Costs

Accelerate Service and Repairs and Save Millions of Dollars on Warranty Costs with XR Technology

In today’s digital age, technology is ever-evolving, revolutionizing the way businesses operate and interact with customers. Companies that leverage the power of XR technology in the workplace are capitalizing on a plethora of procedural and cost-saving benefits. From headsets to head-mounted displays, XR technology allows companies to deliver support, conduct routine maintenance, and perform repairs in a more efficient and streamlined manner. 

XR technology is proving advantageous across a number of sectors and service areas.  Whether it’s reducing machine downtime and operational costs or improving productivity and minimizing human error, XR is demonstrating wins in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and construction. By allowing our physical world to converge with virtual ones, these immersive devices are transforming the way businesses and technicians perform service and repairs, ultimately saving them millions of dollars on warranty costs. 

How XR Technology Impacts Maintenance Needs

For technicians, AR and VR devices enhance accessibility and can be leveraged for a number of applications, including:

  • Access to equipment manuals, technical documents and training resources. 
  • Real-time remote support and the ability to collaborate with specialists (regardless of their location) to optimize service delivery, address an unexpected failure, or rectify a complex error – ensuring operations are resumed in a timely manner. 
  • Utilize digital overlays, like illustrations, images, or charts to provide visual support when assembling or disassembling complex parts and equipment. 
  • Leverage data and smart technology to forecast maintenance needs, identify potential issues and accelerate the resolution process. 

XR solutions have become an invaluable tool for cutting down error rates and increasing efficiency. For instance, GE Boeing decreased its production time by 25% and essentially eliminated error rates altogether. Similarly, GE healthcare experienced a 46% increase in worker productivity, while their aviation division saw an 8–12% improvement in service efficiency. 

Large-scale factory and equipment breakdowns are not only common, but costly. That’s why more and more organizations are leveraging XR technology to overcome these hurdles. 

Troubleshooting & Repairs

When it comes to the repair process, XR technology is able to provide valuable touchpoints from the initial diagnosis to the final resolution. All too often, technicians wind up misdiagnosing equipment issues. Over time, this type of error causes compounding problems – especially when travel to and from a worksite is factored into the equation. Precious time spent in transit not only costs the business dollars, but detracts from time that could be spent on rectifying the issue at hand. 

XR technology has the power to vastly decrease, and even eliminate, the need for travel, allowing technicians to gain on-demand access to valuable repair data or remote assistance. As a result, technicians have the opportunity to train, learn and understand issues quicker. What’s more, real-time access helps reduce operational costs, eliminate downtime and decrease human error. 

Using XR for Remote Assistance

Through XR devices, on-site workers can collaborate with a remote expert anytime, anywhere. Whenever a complex or new issue crops up, service techs can quickly receive highly-specialized support from remote personnel to accelerate the diagnosis and repair process – which effectively saves both time and money. 

XR devices have real-time two-way video and audio capabilities, allowing tech teams to provide those in the field with guidance on everything from troubleshooting assistance to assembly instructions. Remote support technicians even have the ability to provide users with on-demand access to crucial analytical data and control actions. 

Speaking to the benefits of XR for real-time support, Coca-Cola’s VP of Supply Chain, Helen Davis, shares: “We no longer need to fly in people from Germany – where our main equipment suppliers are based – to troubleshoot our machines. Now they can virtually see what we are seeing, instantaneously, and help diagnose and solve issues without stepping foot in a plant. This allows us to operate ‘virtually’, unencumbered by time or distance.”

Organizations are bleeding dollars when it comes to equipment breakdown, lost production time, and warranty costs. In addition to cost-saving benefits, the ability for workers to collaborate with one another is a key factor driving the implementation of XR technology into enterprise-level processes and systems. 

XR technology has the power to help organizations scale, increase ROI and eliminate inefficiencies. To learn more about how the experts at Concannon XR can help your business move the needle forward and drive down costs, contact us today.

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