Our capabilities meet the full range of enterprise XR application needs and goals

Assisted Reality

Delivering expert assistance and guidance to employees in the field around the world is a constant challenge for businesses ranging from automotive service to oil and gas. Assisted reality leverages virtual reality and augmented reality devices to provide procedural guidance and remote assistance to employees where and when they need it. Employees diagnosing a difficult hardware issue can follow hands-free troubleshooting steps and ask for expert help driven by head-mounted cameras and microphones. Remote experts can see exactly what field teams see and provide effective help to dozens of teams around the world in a single day without ever leaving the office. This new technology domain is quick to setup in real-world applications and delivers a massive return on investment.

Hard Skills Training

Technical jobs often require many hours of hands-on training to gain proficiency with tools and equipment. Until recently, the only way to provide this training was with expensive mockups or guided apprenticeship in the field. VR and AR solutions have now opened up an entirely new option for hard skills training in everything from store inventory management to high voltage electrical repair and airline pre-flight checks. Virtual training provides high-fidelity 3D duplicates of real-world locations and equipment that allow trainees to safely learn at their own pace with zero physical risk and much lower cost than before. We help clients reimagine their hard skills training programs with proper headset selection, custom training development, and training program management.

Agriculture IoT

Connected devices are having an increasingly outsized impact in the agricultural world where active monitoring and response to crops and livestock means the difference between profitability and loss. Connected sensors, drones, and processing algorithms are combined with digital twin visualization to create a true view into the details of farm or ranch operations. VR and AR build on top of this combination to enable rapid views of data and allow quick action across hundreds of acres. Agricultural IoT implementations are impacting everything from inventory management and livestock monitoring to automated field tending, harvesting, and greenhouse management. We help clients across the agricultural industry identify and implement the right IoT tech for their applications.

Team Collaboration

As companies increasingly adjust to remote teams spread across homes and offices around the world, effective collaboration is becoming more and more important. For many activities, text chat and video calls simply aren't a good substitute for in-person meetings and workshops. VR offers an immersive collaboration experience for everything from quick meetings to team building activities and product showcases. Our clients love that for less than the price of a plane ticket, employees can be setup with a VR headset that allows them to work, ideate, and play together without distractions or 'yet another call' boredom. We take care of every part of collaboration setup, from sending headsets to choosing collaboration software and onboarding new employees on how to use it effectively.

Mental Wellness

Managing employee wellbeing requires far more than just administering benefits and performance review programs. Especially with increasingly remote teams and varied working arrangements, taking care of employees' mental wellness is top of mind for many HR managers. There are many ways to tackle this challenge, ranging from wellbeing surveys to virtual team events. Many of our clients have found that VR offers new opportunities to not only better evaluate employee mental wellness, but also manage and improve it over time. With guided mental challenges, therapy exercises, and behavior pattern identification, VR creates a new set of high-engagement tools. We help clients setup and deliver headsets to employees, get them started with wellness programs, and ensure prgrams remain effective.

Soft Skills Training

For many jobs the most difficult skills to gain proficiency in are the ones that deal with people rather than equipment. Knowing how to deal with subordinates, run effective interviews, downsize employees, deliver bad news, and even identify workplace harassment situations are top of mind for many managers. Typical training for these topics has historically relied on sub-par videos, mediocre roleplaying, or 'learn from your mistakes' approaches. But VR has proven to be an outstanding tool for soft skills training, showing significantly higher engagement and retention through tailored, interactive workplace scenarios. We help clients get setup with VR headsets, customized soft skills training scenarios, and employee progress monitoring to create truly revolutionary training programs.

'Live' Events

Bringing large numbers of employees, clients, or audience members together for in-person events has grown increasingly difficult. But at the same time, having people interact in the same event space brings many advantages that are missing from video calls and webinars. VR solutions provide a new way to bridge this gap by providing shared, immersive experiences that can be tailored to your audience, regardless of where they are. From product reveals and demos to virtual exhibition halls, VR 'live' events with dozens to hundreds of simultaneous participants are becoming increasingly popular. We help clients with large-scale VR headset provisioning, deployment, management, and return for specific events so that they can worry about content excellence instead of hardware logistics.