5 Benefits of Using XR to Provide Tech Support

Concannon XRVR and AR 5 Benefits of Using XR to Provide Tech Support
5 Benefits of Using XR to Provide Tech Support

5 Benefits of Using XR to Provide Tech Support

Is your industry dependent on on-site or in-person tech support? If so, you understand how the financial and time expenses of travel can add up significantly. There are better ways to provide tech support without sacrificing quality or putting a burden on your workforce while saving long-term costs and time. With remote assistance powered by XR technology, remote teams can provide real-time support – improving the customer experience and helping businesses to avoid unnecessary on-site visits.

In an ever-changing, increasingly competitive market, large and small companies alike need help keeping costs down while also maintaining a high level of productivity and efficiency. Enterprise businesses are faced with a similar set of challenges. They need better ways to maintain uptime while still focusing on growth and revenue generation. Remote XR tech support is a more cost-effective way of using your workforce across industries like manufacturing, aerospace and defense, automotive, public safety, and more.

How XR Technology Powers Remote Tech Support

The use of XR technology allows technicians and other support staff to see exactly what a client is seeing with augmented reality (AR), holograms, or live video streaming. Technicians at the service center can then take control of a device by having access to the client’s screen through video streaming in order to manipulate it remotely.

Every remote assistance experience should be personalized to the individual, and XR technology provides an effective solution for such needs. It puts the user in control of their support and keeps them at the center of the action. Users can scale, manipulate, and focus on anything they want with a single tap in their field of view. Meanwhile, the support technician can see exactly what the user is seeing (and more) providing immediate advice as needed.

This way, tech support teams can provide step-by-step instructions, show how something is done, or even troubleshoot issues as if he was right there next to the user. This capability also reduces downtime on equipment, saves resources, and leads to faster issue resolutions — all benefits that help streamline your business operations.

Provide Immediate Tech Support with XR Technology
By implementing XR technology, you can enhance business operations in many ways. Using emerging remote support technologies to train selected employees, they can offer remote assistance wherever needed, rather than having to send an employee on location.

Primary Benefits of XR Enabled Tech Support

  1. Cost savings by spending less money on fuel, travel time, expenses, and in-person training costs
  2. Time savings for both employees and customers
  3. Improved efficiency thanks to real-time collaboration across long distances
  4. Better customer service by providing customers with qualified professionals when needed
  5. Higher employee morale by reducing wasted time

According to an XR Industry Insider Survey, 83% of industry leaders expect an increase in immersive technology investment and use. In order to streamline your tech support, hard and soft skills training, and overall efficiency capabilities using XR technology, contact ConcannonXR today to access our suite of XR services for support.

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