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Overcoming challenges with implementing AR/VR programs

Despite the unprecedented speed at which new technology is developed and released in today’s modern world, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) programs can face challenges when it comes to widespread adoption. From hardware and regulations to software and applications, VR/AR implementation, like any new and emerging technology, comes with its own set of concerns and challenges.

Here are 3 common concerns corporations have when looking to introduce the solution into their infrastructure – and how these concerns are being addressed.

1. Establishing Security Regulations

Many corporations are unfamiliar with how data is processed when utilizing VR/AR applications for business purposes – feeding concerns regarding cybersecurity.
For example, what if a cybercriminal was able to manipulate AR applications and use data mining to access confidential information, such as a business account? Implementing the necessary security protocols, however, is a vital piece of ensuring data remains safeguarded from outside threats.

As with a majority of business initiatives, it’s crucial to establish a user authentication process. When anonymity is removed from the equation, participant identities can easily be determined each time the application is in use, preventing potential security issues from arising.

Similar to other enterprise software, integrating VR/AR technology into the business’s security information management system will ensure data is encrypted and all usage is logged for reporting purposes.

2. Sourcing or Developing the Right Application(s)

Another concern surrounding the adoption of AR and VR technology is the idea that programs are limited to applications such as gaming and social network filters. A wide range of enterprise VR/AR solutions are available and many are highly customizable applications that can be adapted to address a wide spectrum of business use cases across multiple industries. For example, larger corporations are successfully implementing VR/AR technology for training and development as well as human resource programs to boost efficiency and maximize ROI.

From 3D interactive visualizations of equipment to staff onboarding programs and procedural training solutions, the most appropriate applications can be sourced, configured or created to serve your specific corporate needs. By utilizing VR/AR applications for training, businesses are allowing users to learn at their own pace, construct and deconstruct various objects and make mistakes without having to worry about the expense of breaking costly equipment or putting themselves in danger.

3. Minimizing Physical Safety Risks for the End-User

When utilizing a VR or AR application, the immersive experience for the end-user
can be distracting and could lead to potential injuries. For example, when Pokemon Go was initially released, it became an overnight sensation, adopted by millions of consumers across the globe. However, as you likely saw speckled across news outlets, many individuals sustained physical injuries while engrossed in the game. Fortunately, these factors aren’t as prevalent at the enterprise level.

The issue of physical safety is greatly reduced in corporate settings where VR/AR systems are contained within an environment that removes potential hazards. However, if VR/AR is going to be used to augment training or workplace activities in environments like warehouses or manufacturing lines, safety plans are still important. Establishing safety guidelines and ensuring users are leveraging the technology in an atmosphere designed for protection is a primary focus for consultants helping organizations implement the solution.

At Concannon XR, our goal is to unlock the power and potential of VR and AR to solve real-world business problems. Our consultants are well-versed in best practices, hardware, and software applications to put VR/AR to work for our clients. If you are interested in how VR/AR can make a difference in your organization, get in touch with us today.

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