Smart Glasses – Advantages of Use in Business

Concannon XRVR and AR Smart Glasses – Advantages of Use in Business
Smart Glasses in Business

Smart Glasses – Advantages of Use in Business

Smart glasses and head-mounted tablets (HMTs), specifically those with integrated assisted reality, are now considered one of the most innovative wearable devices across industrial and operational fields. This wearable technology uses Augmented Reality (AR) and offers the advantages of a computer through the convenience of wearable eyeglasses. Much like the integration of Virtual Reality (VR) devices, the technology can be integrated into business models to increase employee productivity, create safer work environments, and even increase bottom-line profits for the company.  

Smart glasses have many advantages that are guaranteed to promote efficiency, productivity, and even safety of its employees. Smart glasses are convenient to wear and carry most of the advantages garnered from other virtual reality devices.  Smart glasses are proving to be the best path towards modernized business models.

The Growing Smart Glasses Market

The market for smart glasses has been continually growing over the years. Ever since its proposal by Google, other manufacturers such as Sony, Google, Microsoft, Epson, Toshiba, and many others have invested in producing smart glasses. ABI Research predicts that the market for smart glasses will be valued at USD 100 Billion by the year 2023.

The steady growth of the market has been largely due to top manufacturers integrating smart glasses into their business models. Smart glasses offer many benefits that would provide ease and speed of production from its employees. Recent data has shown that companies such as Facebook and Samsung are working on the development of smart glasses.

Advantages of Use in Business Environments

One of the advantages is the promotion of collaborative work, where the wearer can easily share their real-world view with other employees. This enables efficient feedback and troubleshooting without guesswork or “describe what you’re seeing” moments. Smart glasses are frequently equipped with audio high-quality microphones as well, which allows free and instant communication alongside the live view of the wearer. Studies have shown that AR and VR can help boost employee performance by 70%. An increase in employee productivity, coupled with a decrease in mistakes can help boost company profits.

Furthermore, smart glasses provide a reliable platform for the training of employees. Outdated training manuals can be discarded in favor of smart glasses and remote instructors to make way for quality training. According to research conducted by IBM, training time can be reduced by 40% with the application of VR. Similarly, smart glasses can save time in employee training as well as increase training quality. This helps decrease the probability of mistakes in the daily work life of company employees.

Other advantages suggest the worth of integration of smart glasses in businesses. Benefits such as instant access to targeted knowledge right in the field of view of workers without obstructing vision. For example, automotive technicians can review diagnostic instructions while looking at the components in question, and ask for expert assistance if needed. This significantly reduces the probability of miscommunication and fosters a more targeted approach to problem solving, while at the same time allowing experts to be in more places at once by remotely helping workers in many different locations. Additionally, smart glasses allow companies to gather data on how workers are actually performing their jobs, enabling better training, improved tools, and less down time.

Ultimately smart glasses will become a necessity for high productivity in many different industries. This new tool diminishes the cost of training while increasing efficiency, collaboration, and expert knowledge sharing. Interested in how smart glasses, HMTs, or other wearable assisted reality tech can benefit your business model or practices? Contact our experts at Concannon XR for an AR/VR consultation.

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