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The Benefits of HMT-1 Devices for Remote Tech Support

After the onset of Covid-19, businesses across the country discovered the advantages of providing remote technical support. As companies analyze and refine the efficacy of their tech support initiatives, Assisted Reality continues to play a pivotal role in bolstering the success of these programs. 

Realwear’s HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 devices, for example, furnish tech personnel with the ability to support, train and collaborate with both customers and colleagues remotely – regardless of where they’re located while freeing their hands for the work.

From optimizing workflow and enhancing revenue to increasing efficiency and decreasing travel costs, companies like BMW, Colgate-Palmolive and industrial equipment maker Krones are reaping a number of benefits from using the 100% hands-free HMT-1 device. 

Capabilities of RealWear’s Assisted Reality Solutions  

The Android-based voice-controlled wearable can be utilized for a myriad of purposes – troubleshooting product failures, quality insurance inspections, emergency technical support, performing installations and machine maintenance, training new staff members and more. 

The head-worn device is PPE compatible and comes with a voice-controlled operating system, a high-resolution camera, an array of four digital noise cancellation microphones and hands-free document and file navigation.  The device can be used even in high noise environments of up to 95 dB.  There’s also a number of world-class apps that work with the device, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex Expert on Demand, TeamViewer and OverIT Geocall.

Available voice-optimized applications for the leading assisted reality devices are able to perform a number of advantageous tasks to the frontline worker, like IoT Data Visualization for running machine diagnostics, analyzing predictive data and viewing historic trends.

Benefits of RealWear’s Assisted Reality Devices for Remote Tech Support

Reduces downtime: Any type of downtime – whether it’s downtime of a machine, an entire plant or an employee – can lead to revenue loss and increased expenditure.  In fact 70% of downtime in a factory comes from process and human errors rather than broken components such as bearings.

Minimizes training time: New employees and field agents are able to handle job-related tasks quicker. When AR and VR technology is used in lieu of traditional training methods, research shows it can improve employee performance by 70% and decrease training time by 40%.

Decreases travel & related expenses: With remote tech support, there’s no need for travel – assistance can be provided anytime, anywhere. This decreases travel and business expenses while also offering an eco-friendly solution for companies. 

Preserves & repurposes expert knowledge: The HMT-1 is fitted with recording functionality, allowing anything from simple troubleshooting and repairs to more complex processes to be documented for future use. This allows staff to revisit recordings for clarification if needed, as well as frees up tech support to focus on other matters in instances where video instructions can be substituted for live assistance. Whether the frontline worker is in a loud factory, climbing a ladder,  or deep in a mine, choosing the right tools for the right environment is key, and consumer handhelds or AR/VR devices simply don’t cut it.    

With the wide spectrum of benefits that businesses can reap from AR & VR technology, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are adopting these devices – utilizing them to encourage growth, productivity and cost-savings. Learn more about how this innovative technology can improve your remote tech support by contacting our experts today.

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