The Cost-Saving Benefits of Remote Support with AR Technology

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The Cost-Saving Benefits of Remote Support with AR Technology

According to a March 2021 Statista Report, VR and AR technologies will enhance more than 2.3 million jobs by 2030. Capitalizing on the features of assisted reality devices provides cost-saving power for businesses in industries like healthcare, automotive, tourism, architecture, construction, aerospace, and beyond by keeping the workforce efficient and connected while saving production time and personnel hours in a variety of ways.

Remote Support with Assistive Reality Devices

One of the most efficient cost-saving benefits of RealWear technology like the HMT-1 device is the availability of remote support.  Service techs no longer need to travel to assist their organization in finding solutions in real-time. With the use of AR devices, businesses have access to faster tech support— which means less downtime, and more productivity and forward momentum.

Along with the cost savings from AR’s efficiency improvements, RealWear devices offer a variety of industries increased safety and reduced costs by giving workers in hazardous environments access to improved safety protocols via remote assistance, high resolution cameras, and noise-canceling communication.

Looking at Support Strategies In a New Light

Investing in AR/VR technologies means you can refocus, refine and customize your hiring strategy by utilizing fewer personnel who can efficiently share their expertise throughout your organization in real time. 

With Assisted Reality, financial resources can go towards investing in support leaders who will now have the capacity and time to remotely empower a highly trained, skilled workforce from anywhere in the world because they have the resources they need to serve others throughout the organization more efficiently.

Cost Savings with Training and Materials

Training with remote assistance provides the next level of tech support with shared views and guides.  This means lower travel expenses, limited physical product expenditures, and the ability for more people to have virtual access to resources without risk of deterioration and consumption of valuable assets and materials.

With AR you can guide your employees through procedures using videos with realistic projections that can interact with each other, and functions that give step-by-step training instructions for conceivably any industry.

Playing the Long Game 

Businesses can experience immediate benefits and cost savings over time by maintaining consistent communication and sharing the best information across channels within your supply chain and building new innovations and efficiencies in a more seamless way with remote virtual technologies in place. In short, AR helps increase productivity while decreasing production time and benefitting the consumer in the long run.

If you are interested in further discussing the benefits and cost savings of empowering your support team with assistive reality technology? Contact an expert with ConcannonXR today.

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