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The Importance of Onboarding for Long-Term Employee Retention

On this episode of Emerging Technologies in Business, we delve into the world of onboarding and training employees. With remote work becoming the norm due to COVID-19, effective onboarding is more crucial than ever.

Our guest, Stephen Rhyne, CEO of ConveYour, sheds light on how their suite of onboarding, training, and engagement tools can help employees scale faster, retain more, and reduce onboarding costs. From SMS communication channels to using hyper-segmentation tactics, Steven discusses the importance of attention and engagement for effective training.

We also learn about ConveYour’s data analytics features and their ongoing efforts to embed dashboards of employee performance data into other products. Finally, we wrap up with a discussion on a tool that can make managing multiple windows easier.

Tune in to this episode for valuable insights on adaptive onboarding and training experiences!

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