XR Solutions Ready for Business Use Today

Concannon XRVR and AR XR Solutions Ready for Business Use Today
Assisted Reality XR Solutions for Business

XR Solutions Ready for Business Use Today

Technological advancements in extended reality (XR) have bolstered adoption rates in the workplace, providing organizations with a myriad of effective business solutions. From supplying teams with immersive training programs to providing remote technical support, XR devices are transforming the way companies function and operate. According to a PwC report, VR and AR tools have the potential to add $1.5 trillion to the global economy by 2030. 

XR solutions have the power to drive efficiency, profitability, and provide cost-saving benefits for businesses across sectors, including aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, agriculture, automotive, retail, and beyond. Some companies are leveraging ready-made, “off-the-shelf” solutions while others are opting to create customized content to align with their organizational goals. So, what’s the right fit for you? 

Finding the Right XR Solution for Your Business

Extended reality is an umbrella term that encompasses several forms of augmented and virtually simulated environments. Complementing virtual and augmented reality, which utilizes computer-generated content to deliver immersive experiences, assisted reality (AR) provides users with the ability to access pertinent information via a screen within their field of vision. As a result, AR provides the most ready-to-use XR solution on the market today. 

To put it into perspective further, RealWear shares: “Workers need to be able to stay safe around workplace hazards when they access information. This could mean having both hands available to hold tools or secure equipment. Or, more importantly, not get distracted by computer-generated (3D) visuals (overlays) when they need to be aware of, and focus on,  what’s truly in their immediate environment.”

The implementation of an assisted reality solution can effectively increase worker safety, drive productivity, increase collaborative practices and decrease operating costs associated with equipment downtime and repair resolution time. What’s more, these devices allow field technicians to connect with remote specialists to quickly resolve issues and keep operations running as seamlessly as possible. 

What Does it Mean to Have “Off-the-Shelf” Content?

Implementing an XR solution for your organization starts with purchasing devices like headsets or glasses. Once acquired, you’ll need to focus on establishing a content library. Content comes in a bevy of formats – video tutorials, instruction manuals, interactive microlearning modules, you name it. One route you can navigate is to license and leverage existing, off-the-shelf content libraries, which allows users to access a database of pre-made resources. 

We’re not gonna sugarcoat it: this option can sound enticing at first glance. 

While many industries have standardized certifications their employees must complete, this doesn’t encompass the full breadth of value you can derive from creating highly customized content. From strategic training modules to tailor-built learning content geared towards professional development, developing proprietary content for your assisted reality devices is the most effective way to optimize ROI. 

By delivering resources that target the specific needs of employees—from onboarding through career development—you’ll improve engagement, accelerate skill-building, bridge knowledge gaps and reduce turnover. 

Investing in your employees is an investment in the future success of your organization. And the truth is this is hard to do with “ready made” XR content that likely won’t align with your internal workflow, processes, and equipment. What’s more, it’s important to provide staff with tools and resources that connect with your organization’s values and goals. This creates buy-in and ensures everyone is working collectively towards a shared vision. 

Implement an XR Solution Today

With the many advantages XR solutions offer, like decreased costs, deeper learning comprehension, reduced human error, increased knowledge retention, and improved teamwork, it’s no surprise that more and more organizations are leveraging the technology. Plus, since many companies operate with a distributed workforce, XR devices allow workers to learn and collaborate regardless of where they’re located geographically. 

Discover how your business can drive profitability and move the needle forward by contacting the experts at ConcannonXR today. We can provide assistance with your XR strategy, hardware and software selection, and deployment.

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