Case Studies


Problem: Inefficiencies and high costs result from vehicles not being repaired correctly under warranty on the first attempt.

XR Solution: To address this issue, an Assisted Reality Headset is employed, which is paired with specialized software encompassing service procedures, remote expert assistance, and additional features (e.g., ServiceAssistXR). This cutting-edge technology streamlines the repair process and ensures accurate diagnostics and repairs.

Result: Upon completion of the test, reports indicated a significant improvement in repair and maintenance processes, with an average increase of 70 to 75%. This enhanced performance not only mitigated costs but also led to increased customer satisfaction and trust in the brand.

(Case study conducted by BMW)

Leadership Training

Problem: The shift to remote work has transformed communication styles and necessitated new skills for navigating digital interactions.

XR Solution: Leveraging immersive technology, leadership training is now delivered in a format that is more rapid, realistic, engaging, and cost-effective at scale than any other approach (ServiceTrainingXR). This innovative method ensures the development of essential skills in a rapidly evolving workplace landscape.

Result: Students undergoing immersive training exhibited a 4x faster learning rate compared to traditional classroom settings, and they were 3.75x more emotionally engaged with the training content. This enhanced connection significantly improves knowledge retention and skill acquisition.

(Case study conducted by our partners at Talespin)

Oil & Gas

Problem: Downtime avoidance is critical, as pipeline failures demand swift responses to ensure safety, manage risks, and minimize downtime expenses.

XR Solution: Assisted Reality Headsets, combined with software that connects onsite workers to expert colleagues across the globe, facilitate prompt equipment diagnosis and repairs, significantly reducing downtime.

Result: The implementation of this advanced technology led to a 70% increase in safety compliance, 89% faster audits, a 10% boost in workforce productivity, and a 33% gain in overall efficiency.

(Case study conducted by our partners at RealWear)


Problem: The expansion of telemedicine, a scarcity of qualified professionals, skilled experts exiting the workforce, and the increased integration of technology in patient care contribute to significant challenges for healthcare providers.

XR Solution: Soft skills training utilizing immersive technology plays a crucial role in addressing these issues. As people develop these skills through practice, immersive role-play with virtual human characters enables healthcare leaders to engage in critical conversations, expediting their soft skills development (e.g., ServiceAssistXR).

Result: Following training, participants demonstrated a 275% increase in confidence to apply the learned skills. Furthermore, they were 4x more focused than their peers engaging in e-learning methods.

(Case study conducted by our partners at Talespin)

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