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ConcannonXR Consultant
ConcannonXR Consultant

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Soft Skills, Hard Skills & Real-Time Assistance

As enthusiastic XR professionals, ConcannonXR helps clients with solid business modeling and insightful market analysis, guiding the design and implementation of effective XR projects.

We merge expertise from various fields to provide a valuable set of offerings for XR companies and those considering AR, VR, and MR solutions for their employees and customers.

From clarifying the latest AR and VR hardware options to managing custom app and content development and ensuring adherence to corporate security requirements, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Software / XR Hardware

Capitalizing on our established industry alliances and vast familiarity with hardware and software platforms, we adeptly guide you in identifying targets and streamlining RFPs for the essential XR equipment and services that best align with your enterprise objectives.

XR Device Support

Offering a diverse range of financing alternatives, we furnish the hardware required to bring your XR vision to fruition. Additionally, our expertise extends to managing the repair, replacement, and end-of-life requirements of your XR devices, ensuring seamless functionality throughout their lifecycle.

Strategic Business Modeling

Utilizing precise financial modeling methods, we carefully assess your strategy to ensure a solid basis for your XR projects, promoting well-informed decisions and fostering sustained growth and success.

Cloud IT / XR Security

In the era of interconnected XR hardware, data collection, privacy, and transmission are of paramount importance. We offer our expertise in securing your XR experiences across all platforms, safeguarding your valuable data and user privacy.

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Our skills cover a wide range of enterprise XR applications, designed to meet various needs and ambitions.

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