ConcannonXR Podcast

The Future of Headset-less Immersion

On today’s Emerging Technologies in Business episode, Barmak Heshmat, CEO of Breyon Displays discusses their new technology that offers a headset-like experience without actually using a headset.

Breyon uses depth modulation and light field expansion to give a 122-inch image experience from a 30-inch aperture display. Focusing on balancing comfort, performance, and immersion in their products, rather than just focusing on immersion.

ConcannonXR Podcast

Celebrating One Year of Emerging Technologies in Business

On this episode of Emerging Technologies in Business, Matthew Carrier joins the episode to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the podcast.

We discuss the importance of planning ahead, avoiding rushing to release episodes and the benefits of monetizing a podcast. We also talk about the potential of virtual reality in the education industry and the need for regulations in emerging technologies. As expert podcasters, they share tips on editing and improving the quality of the content.

What the heck is Web3?

Hey everyone welcome back for another episode! Today we are going to talk about Web3.

Web 1 was the very basis of the Internet.
Web 2 allowed us to share our own thoughts, but we didn’t own or control it.
Web3 gives us back that control.

This application saves lives for Dispatchers & Police Departments

Matt Mattson the Chief Growth Officer joins the show to discuss how they are replacing the shockingly archaic systems currently utilized for police, fire, correctional facilities, and courts themselves with SOMA Global’s suite of streamlining applications. Considering that every second matters in an emergency, it’s time to get these old-school systems out of the way of our public services employees.

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