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The Future of Headset-less Immersion

On today’s Emerging Technologies in Business episode, Barmak Heshmat, CEO of Breyon Displays discusses their new technology that offers a headset-like experience without actually using a headset.

Breyon uses depth modulation and light field expansion to give a 122-inch image experience from a 30-inch aperture display. Focusing on balancing comfort, performance, and immersion in their products, rather than just focusing on immersion.


How to Use VR to Boost Team-Building Initiatives

Digital disruption is reshaping how businesses interact and communicate – especially internally amongst colleagues. From remote onboarding to consumer marketing, virtual reality (VR) has a wide range of applications in the workplace. Today, employers are leveraging technology more and more for training and team-building purposes.


4 Benefits of Virtual Reality for Businesses

With the advancement of virtual reality (VR) technology, comes the arrival of cost-effective, consumer-friendly headsets – bolstering widespread adoption. Employers have already begun leveraging opportunities to use VR in the workplace. The introduction of the technology has opened a whirlwind of possibilities for businesses – all thanks to simulated environments and digital realities.


Enhancing XR Experiences with LiDAR

Apple’s latest technological development has gone largely unnoticed even among many tech enthusiasts. While this new development lacks the flair of high-profile additions like iOS 14, 5G, or a 4K camera, this new hardware feature has already started to transform the up incoming AR and VR industry.  We’re talking about the new LiDAR sensor available on higher-end iOS devices. 

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